Why are Standard Processes Important to Any Business? How Do You Standardize Processes?

Why are Standard Processes Important to Any Business? How Do You Standardize Processes?



A process is any series of linked tasks that result in achieving an end goal. For example, in order to brew a delicious beer, you must follow a process. If you want to replicate that beer, you must replicate the process. Is that process then written down? For brewing maybe, but more often than not, processes in businesses are predominately kept in the head of the creator.


Have you ever found yourself thinking “It will be faster if I just did it myself.”? In the short term, yes it may seem faster for you to do it yourself. However, what if you can’t be there? Will your tasks have to be put on hold until you return? Of course, there will be tasks that only you are authorized to complete, but the goal should be to have as many tasks as possible that can be easily repeatable for others to complete.




Creating a guide for things that you do naturally from time in position and experience is difficult. The person that you are training does not have the luxury of time and experience, so you must decide which parts in the process are the most important for them to accomplish the tasks at hand. How do you decide upon such parts? An effective way to do this is to break down everything you do into small steps. Be sure to write them down. You must throw all assumptions out the door, so no step is too small. Once you have broken your process down into micro-steps, start combining ones that are similar. After combining the similar steps, identify the most crucial ones to completing the process. This will take longer than you expect, but it will be worth the time and might in turn improve the efficiency of your current process.


Another way to help yourself standardize processes is to find or create tools that help eliminate or automate steps. It is a skill to be able to leverage tools that exist in the market to help drive your efficiency and simplify your processes. Start and continue to standardize processes. Your business will thrive because of it.


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